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Loading, Search, Categories and Login

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    Hello! Thanks for the great theme and plugin, here are some suggestions to make them look better:

    1. Website loading: During loading, display the page content.

    2. Search: After entering the keyword, show the related listings, without the need to select a category (Since the desired ad can be in an unselected category).

    3. Categories: Make the entire thumbnail area clickable.

    4. Login / Register page: Insert button to view / hide password.


    Thanks for your suggestions, added them to the backlog. You can try using this plugin to make categories searchable via keywords



    I installed this plugin, I already tested the settings in various ways and it didn’t work. Do you have any other plugins to solve this problem? Or please, can you let me know what the correct setting is so I don’t need to select the category after clicking the search button?


    It seems to work, I suggested it based on this topic Please make sure that you enabled listing categories (and other taxonomies that you want to make searchable) in the plugin settings.



    I’m still having a hard time solving the keyword search problem. I’ve tried several ways and it didn’t work. Please, is there another plugin that can refer me?

    Note: This plugin (wp extended search) has not yet been tested with the current version of wordpress, it may have a bug.


    This plugin works for sure and it’s the most popular one among the free advanced search plugins (it worked at least for 3 users on the forum), if you have any issues with setting it up please try contacting the plugin support.

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