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Log out ,, but it log’s back in automatically

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  • mickeymouse

    When I log out or close an account for the user account page it will log out or cancel then it will re-sign in or re-activate the account.


    might be a google integration sign in issue, I’m logged in with my gmail account .. just cant log out .. because it will resign me in .. all platforms .. chrome, IE, Fire …


    okay i’m troubleshooting myself .. I was able to log out and stay logged out.
    I need to go into chrome://settings and disable auto sign.
    Now I never had an issue with other sites , so is there a fix or way to fix this besides me disabling auto sign in with chrome settings?

    ihor developer

    Please send more details for reproducing this issue, does it occur only when you sign in via Google (using HivePress Authentication extension)?


    Yes with HIVEPress Authentication.
    Currently, I removed the extension and I can normally log out from the site now.
    Not sure what other info to provide, it simply was logging me out and then it would immediately sign me back in, even if I cancel my membership it would sign back in and once again I was a member.

    ihor developer

    Thanks, I’ll test Google authentication before releasing the next version of this extension.

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