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    The login function after registration isn’t working.

    When you put in your login details the page just reloads without any error message to say if your password is incorrect. If the password is correct the page just reloads and doesn’t log you in.

    Question: how do I setup my site so that when customers register they get a verification email?


    If it’s possible to reproduce this issue please send the temporary login credentials via email to support@hivepress.io and I’ll check it.

    You can enable email verification in HivePress/Settings/Users/Registration section.


    Hi ihor,

    I am facing the same issue – Login function isn’t working it just reloads the page. Any update on this?


    When I disabled Recaptcha, then the login and registration process is working fine. But if I enabled these settings on Hivepress Recaptcha integrations then nothing works. I have installed this plugin – ‘Advance nocaptcha & invisible captcha’ & added both the site & secret keys from Google. Anything wrong with the plugin. Does someone install this plugin? If so, is it working for you?


    It’s fixed now – the issue was with the multiple selections. I have enabled the login & registration forms in the plugin and also in hivepress integration section. So I just disabled it from the plugin and it’s working fine now.


    Thanks for posting the solution. There was also a known login issue with WooCommerce PayPal extension and a few other plugins, it’s fixed in the latest version.

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