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    I have an issue where if user is not logged in and they go to a certain group of pages, it redirects them to log in. Which is fine. Then upon login, they go to the account page. Also fine. But when they try to go to the link from where they started (orginal url which requires login. It’s another page with a shortcode from another plugin) it loops back to the account page. I realize it may be they other plugin, which I will eventually get rid of, but I was wondering if there is a way not to pass the url. (https://snickslist.com/place-ad/)
    This is the link which shows when it goes to the login page;


    If this “place-ad” page is added via another plugin please let me know how you block it with the HivePress login page. It seems that the solution you use blocks the page for non-logged in users, but then doesn’t convert the shortcode once user is logged in.


    Thanks, ihor. That was enough to kick my brain into gear. It is apparently the AWPCP plugin that does it. I set it to not require log in to place ad and that solves it. (I thought I had already tried that) Except I have to find another way to hide the page to non-logged in users. Have a great day and thanks for the great plugins/themes!

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