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Long URL in website listing attribute issue and not hot linked

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  • Robo

    Where I allow vendor in listing to display their website’s URL as an attribute. I have noticed long URLs run outside of the display area and into other listings.

    Also when inputting the URL for a listing the system forces proper URL which is fine but when that URL is displayed….. It is NOT a hot link. It only shows up in the listing as text. Is there a way to hot link input URLs?

    Thank you

    ihor developer

    Thanks, added this to the bug tracker, attribute values without spaces should break into multiple lines. I’ll make URLs linked by default in the next version, currently you can do this by setting this attribute format:

    <a href="%value%">%value%</a>


    that worked thank you


    actually that didn’t work after proper testing. It shows it linkable, but when you click it … it will just add that URL to the end of your current page, making it a dead link. example

    ihor developer

    Please make sure that this URL starts with “http” or “https”, then browser will treat it as an absolute URL instead of relative to the current site URL.



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