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Looking for someone to customise a new HivePress install for me

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    Hi there, I’m hoping to find a UK-based Hive expert who can update my basic WP blog to take advantage of the HivePress theme and all the extensions. I have all the documentation ready to go. Any recommendation on where I can find someone, or does the Hive author (ihor?) take on projects?

    I’ve posted on Upwork, but I’d love a recommendation from here, if possible.

    Thank you very much for any advice!



    I would be glad to help, but currently I don’t have time for custom work, I work on HivePress and its extensions full-time. Please consider hiring any freelancer with WordPress customization experience, HivePress is pretty intuitive to customize and I can give some general guidance for the API and code.


    Thank you, Ihor. I’ve selected a WP dev who has used Hive before. Really excited — thank you for building this!


    Thanks, I’m glad that it’s useful! If you have a moment, please rate HivePress on WP repository


    Hi Liza, I hope you’re well. I’m looking for a HivePress expert for some customisation. Did you manage to find someone?


    You can try hiring someone via Fiverr Any WordPress developer will be able to customize HivePress, there’s a pretty intuitive API.


    Unfortunately I would not recommend the person I worked with because he essentially made a child theme, but did not save it as such. His instruction was, “Don’t update the Hivepress plugin.” Well, that’s impractical! So I have updated it. If the customizations don’t work, I’ve got a backup of his original work.

    It would be REALLY HELPFUL to have a list of tried-and-true devs who really know Hivepress. If anyone has a particular rec, please let me know because I anticipate having to get someone else to create a child theme for me.


    P.S. I hired someone via UpWork. No complaints about that platform.


    Hi Liza,

    Thank you! Yes, I’ve found someone on Upwork as we use it frequently. I agree, it’d be super helpful to have a list of recommended devs who know the common issues and who does a good job.

    I’ll let you know how mine goes if you want?



    Yes, Scott, please do — that would be great! Best wishes ~

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