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  • FindaFloorGuy

    I just got this today, after much trial and error I thought this might be the perfect solution to build a simple site where consumers can locate industry specific service providers in their area.

    I tried listinghive (the free version) buy could really customize it to my needs. Now I’m trying to customize taskhive and having a hard time. All I’m really trying to do is have a vendor (tradesman/craftsman) register and create a listing for their business. I didn’t import the demo because it has a bunch of stuff I don’t need or want. I thought it may be simpler to build form scratch.

    I find that the search function only queries titles and description of listings. I’ve added text attributes of zip code and email address and neither appear in the front end details and zip code the prime query I want users to search for is not searchable.

    Now I’m getting a bit disheartened and wondering if this theme will work for me. I don’t need things like But Now or pricing. Am I going to need to adjust a bunch of code to make these changes? Is this theme the best solution for my needs?

    I’m at

    I have one listing with zip code 85087 that doesn’t come up in the search. Though if I search on floormaven (company name listed under title) or Precision ( a word in the tag line listed in the description field) I do get a hit.

    Can any other field be searchable? I set the listing attribute to searchable. Any advice is appreciated.



    I found the extended search plug-in on page 18 of this forum. Figured I’d go through each page one by one. Now that’s working.

    What template do I edit to get rid of the buy now and pricing fields?


    Hello @FindaFloorGuy

    I am also using this theme to create a website.

    I’m no developer, so I don’t want to mess around with theme files if I don’t have to.

    Try installing this visual CSS editor plugin instead, then open it, use it to browse to the page you want to edit, click the button you want to hide, click the Layout tab, under Visibility select Hidden and see if it hides or not.

    If yes, close the CSS editor and save changes to your theme.

    Good luck!

    ihor developer

    Sorry for the inconvenience, I guess the advanced search plugin should be mentioned in the docs, I’ll also check if it’s possible to make custom attributes searchable out of the box.

    ListingHive and TaskHive themes are based on the same framework, so the customization of TaskHive shouldn’t be any harder (there are also the same CSS classes for listings, vendors, and other items). TaskHive just has a different marketplace-focused design (e.g. vendor details in the listing cards, sliders for listings, vendors, and reviews, etc).

    If you want to disable the “Buy Now” button you can simply deactivate the Marketplace extension in WordPress/Plugins section. So if you want to enable/disable some functionality you can check the HivePress settings or activate/deactivate some extension.

    ihor developer

    I also recommend importing demo content because you’ll get the same front page layout, it’s easier than building it from scratch and you can simply remove the demo listings, categories, and vendors after you import it.


    Thanks for the help folks, I’ll utilize your advice.

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