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  • Kandytech

    Hey Ihor,

    Love the theme and plugins, great job. Also love the level of support in this forum.

    Few questions of you don’t mind, please?


    1) The header description looks pretty but I want to add more content (for SEO) to the categories, how would one go about this, please?

    2) Is it possible to increase the number of categories a listing can appear under? Is this a custom job?


    3) Am I right in thinking the only available features of packages are i) being featured and ii) the amount of listings a user can create? I’d like to offer being listed in more categories as a package feature, assume this is a custom job?

    4) Can the plugin handle recurring payments for packages (via woocommerce/CCBill)


    ihor developer


    1. Please consider using the description field, there are no other category fields at the moment (except for title & description).

    2. It’s possible if you add listings via the back-end, but it’s not possible via the front-end form because there may be category-specific attributes, for example if someone selects categories like Rentals and Jobs together then attributes would be mixed within the same form.

    3. Also you can increase the expiration period per package. There’s no option to restrict categories per package at the moment, but we’re working on a premium extension for this (Paid Attributes).

    4. If you link a subscription product with a package it should be ok for checkout and activating the package, but the subscription status will not be tracked, for example if the subscription is cancelled the package will not be removed automatically, this would require some integration.


    Thanks Ihor,

    1) It would be a great SEO feature to be able to add more detailed category content, currently restricted by the very small space available at the top of the page. It would also be nice to add meta data to categories.

    2) If the attributes remain the same for each category, could a custom dev job enable users to list in more than one category?

    3) Paid attributes sounds good, I look forward to seeing that update.

    4) Thank you.

    ihor developer

    Thanks for your feedback,
    1. We plan to improve this by implementing the visual editing (so the category page layout will be editable in Gutenberg). Also, we’re working on the SEO extension.
    2. Yes, but I unfortunately can’t say for sure that there will be no issues with the extensions since a single category is assumed per listing.

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