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Make an offer on my own request

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  • alexholland

    Hi, make an offer appears on my own request, is this a bug, I don’t think make an offer should appear for me own request?

    ihor developer

    Yes, it’s just there to show that the request is active (we tried hiding it and got many “Make an Offer button is hidden” support requests), if you try to make an offer to your own request there will be a “You can’t make offers to your own requests” error.


    Can you remove this it does not make sense, people click on it wondering why it’s their. If its my own listing I should not be able to see it. Thx

    ihor developer

    Thanks, we’ll try to resolve this by adding an option for hiding this button, it was initially hidden but there were questions like “I can’t find the Make an Offer button” so unfortunately there’s no simple solution for this, some users want to see this button to be sure that their request is active and available for making offers.

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