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    Greetings, many thanks for this theme and plugins. They are beyond amazing. I have a question or two… How do I go about making images compulsory? They are currently set to optional. And can someone limit/increase the number and size of images to be uploaded?


    Thanks! If you have a moment, please rate it on, it really helps to continue the development

    You can use this code snippet to require uploading at least 1 image, and change the maximum number of images that can be uploaded:

    	function( $model ) {
    		$model['fields']['images']['required']  = true;
    		$model['fields']['images']['max_files'] = 10;
    		return $model;

    Thank you for the feedback. I added the code but when I tried it out, the form just kept reloading. It did not give any alert/error whatsoever.


    Is it the ‘image’ field or the ‘images’ field that should be made compulsory? Because if I tweak the above code and change the $model[‘fields’][‘images’][‘required’] = true; to $model[‘fields’][‘image’][‘required’] = true; the code seems to work. The downside is that the label field for images is still saying (optional). So that might confuse a user 🙁


    There’s a new version of HivePress, please try updating and check if the above snippet works (I tested and fixed it while developing the latest version).


    I just wanted to say I tried the code with the latest theme version and it worked for me – thanks very much!

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