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  • Vishan

    What if you adopt the styling(css) of HivePress offering to Makery as a separate theme, so as to facilitate product marketplace . And this way, have design continuity and shared user base across separate site via WordPress(Multisite) install.

    Is this something doable in least amount of time given your creator of both offering? Because I’d rather that, than other WP marketplaces solutions.

    The only inclusion would be the ability add groups to manage per vendor store, same for other HivePress offering. Reason being there is a massive shift towards platform cooperatives, for low income folks to team up and provide goods and services.

    Group management allow checks and balances(view orders, ledger etc) between teams, across all sharing economy types and locations (Fiverr, Upworks does it already as premium service). I’ve already suggested a plugin that does this, and hope you would consider having this implemented soon. This add immense value(Acquisition, Activation etc) for admins offering, user seat/subscription(for eg 5 seats/ package 1, 10 seat /package 2), also puts HivePress ahead in this regard, compared to similar WordPress offering.


    ihor developer

    Thanks for your suggestion, but this is not possible at the moment, Makery is based entirely on WooCommerce and its layouts, and HivePress has no features for physical marketplaces yet.

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