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Manually accept new bookings

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  • Jave

    Hello Ihor,

    I want every booking need to be manually accepted by the users on default. How can I do this?

    Or how can i make the “manually accept new booking” checkbox to be checked by default?


    ihor developer

    Please try this one, it should hide the checkbox and check it by default:

    	function( $form ) {
    		$form['fields']['booking_moderated']['display_type']  = 'hidden';
    		$form['fields']['booking_moderated']['default']  = true;
    		return $form;

    So all new or re-saved listings will have booking requests enabled.


    This snippet hides the checkbox but unfortunately doesn’t check it on default.. Tried different things like ['checked'] = true; but haven’t find a working solution yet

    ihor developer

    Please also try this one (in addition to the previous snippet):

    	function( $form ) {
    		$form['fields']['booking_moderated']['default']  = true;
    		return $form;

    dosent work , tried both

    ihor developer

    Please post a new topic here and someone from our staff will share a snippet


    Hola ihor necesito hacer lo mismo.
    Busco que los usuarios acepten manualmente las reservas.
    Pero entro en el link que has facilitado y no sé dónde buscar.
    Si sabes el código para hacerlo te lo agradezco

    ihor developer

    Vendors can do this by checking the Booking Requests option for their listings. If you mean pre-selecting and hiding this option for all vendors please check this topic

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