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Map hero on frontpage

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  • mikron007

    I must start and say with en amazing work you have done with this! Very good job and I love this look!

    I just missing one thing and a very important thing I think.

    I have lookt and thinking over and over again to move to Citadela Listing theme because they have this map in the header on the front page. But i love your design more, therefore I ask you about this.

    You may could take a look at it and maybe it could be a new plugin for that?

    ihor developer

    Thanks for the kind words, glad you like it!

    Unfortunately there’s no such block in the current version, but I’ll consider adding it to the next version. Please note that this map block wouldn’t work with a large number of listings (like 100+), or you meant displaying markers for a few featured listings?


    Wow, that sounds great! For me it’s ok to maybe show 20 or 50. So the website not will be slow.


    If it show 20-50 different pointer colours dependent on category. And if you could setup a standard show on the map it would be great.


    When do you think you will start on this?

    ihor developer

    Unfortunately there’s no ETA for this feature, it’s more like a design feature and it should be implemented via the theme, not plugin itself. So it will be implemented if there’s a new theme with the map hero layout. If you’re familiar with HTML/PHP it’s pretty easy to implement, or you can consider hiring a freelancer for customizations.

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