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Map suddenly dissapeared?

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  • rachelle

    Been using the RentalHive theme and… I don’t know why but I activated a couple extra extensions (including the Geolocation extension) and since then, the map no longer appears or works on my page and the location isn’t listed per post. Help?
    Very new at this – so not sure if some extensions are messing each other up. I tried deactivating them all but the problem was still there.

    ihor developer

    If there was a map before you activated Geolocation I guess it was added by some third-party plugin, because the only way to enable the map and location features in RentalHive is using the Geolocation extension



    This problem just happened to me too and I was desperate, but in the end the solution (at least for me) was simple: The problem was caused by the “Compliance | GDPR/CCPA Cookie Consent” plugin that I had installed.
    And in reality it’s not a problem, the map doesn’t appear until the user has accepted the “marketing cookies”, i.e. fully GDPR compliant.

    When I was looking for the solution, I noticed that some other users also had the problem, maybe a cookie plugin was the cause?
    This Link

    ihor developer

    Yes, I guess this plugin blocks the Google cookies until the terms are accepted, or its JS script conflicts with the Google Maps one.

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