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  • Thetony22

    So I’ve ran into some issues again, trying to fix them.
    The first complete import works perfect, for sorting and filtering.

    This next import has the same csv headers and I mapped it the same way, but sorting categories and attributes isn’t working even though I used custom fields the same way with WP All Import.

    Categories confuses me, because it added the new ones but isn’t working for sorting. 17,000 of the 34,000 jobs (at least 10 different companies) on this import all went under one company, even though the company mapping is correct with already existing companies.
    I’m just trying to figure it out now and redo the import, not sure if it will help.

    Besides that, I really like the contact form you can add when creating a job.
    Is there a way I can add this to the description while bulk importing?
    When I copy and paste to this area it show a : [contact-form][contact-field label=”Name” type=”name” required=”true” /][contact-field label=”Email” type=”email” required=”true” /][contact-field label=”Website” type=”url” /][contact-field label=”Message” type=”textarea” /][/contact-form]

    If I copy and past will this work? Or is there something I can manually enter here that will make it come up?

    Thank you for your help. 5 Days until access to major marketing outlet for one month.


    So looks like I can copy the form, and I managed to get more of this to work.
    But with the form, I edited it so it can be emailed to me. Only issue is copying that to WP Import it can’t include the @ sign. I’m not sure how to get around this, maybe the only way is making my email a column before importing and use the shortcut

    ihor developer

    This is strange, please check if there are any settings to disable duplicating the existing taxonomy terms (categories). Please make sure that listings are mapped to vendors correctly, you can also try importing a separate user for each vendor (it’s better if the listing and vendor have the same user set as post_author, then everything will be in sync). You can also try disable HivePress cache using this code snippet:

    define('HP_CACHE', false);

    Can’t say for sure about the form, maybe the import plugin has an option to allow @ in the imported text?

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