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Maps- location

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    Hello I have dowloaded everything – it is all working

    1. how do I create/insert a map on my front page
    2. the attributes of a listing are on the right on side on a listing page then the map. can the map be first? is there a way to alter it?


    I spoke too soon – so I am testing it now and I have saved my location on the edit as a postcode. But the area comes up on my listing

    If I go to the menu bar and search the area it says no listings
    If I go to the menu bar and search the postcode. It automatically changes the input on the search bar to the area and finds the listing

    Is there a setting somewhere I have missed


    Also on the Hivepress>settings you have


    Radius- what is the for I have played around with the values and I can not figure out what it does as nothing changes

    Zoom – do I have this correct – Max is 20, this is how zoomed in the map will be on the listing page. If it set to 10 the user can not zoom in anymore on the listing page? That is what is happening when I test out the map


    Another issue not sure if it a problem, there is no way of getting directions when you click on the map I downloaded the 3 APIs in your instructions? Are there more APIs I can add? or need to add for this feature to work?

    ihor developer

    Please make sure that Geolocation is set up correctly, you can try following this tutorial

    1. Sorry, there’s no such block in the current version, the map is embedded automatically (into the listing search and single listing pages).

    2. It’s possible, but with the code customizations.

    3. The auto-complete items are fetched via the Google API based on the input (so the area name may appear in the auto-complete if you type the postcode).

    4. The radius defines the search radius, by default if you search by some location then listings within a 15km radius will be found.

    5. There’s no such option on a map, but the location is linked to the Google Maps page where all the extra features like directions are available. If someone clicks the location label on mobile then the Google Maps app with directions will open.


    Is there an external plugin I can download that will ‘talk’ to geolocation so that I can display a map on the front page with all the properties on?

    I have sent in a request quote a week or so ago and not received an email?

    I have been playing around with the settings of the radius – I think there may be a little bug or something may need altering.

    If I set the radius to 1000km I can type in the area, town, country and the property show

    If I have it set to 20 km … and say I type in the country England not all the property show. Even if on google maps England is noted in the property description?

    Everything is download fine my end. I can send you screen shots

    I think does google have a pin for the location on England and Geolocation is going from that pin?

    ihor developer

    1. Sorry, this would require integration, and displaying all the available map markers on a single map may cause performance issues.

    2. Please check the spam folder, we aim to reply within 24 hours and there are no unread customization requests at the moment.

    3. Yes, there’s a known issue with this, the location-based search is precise so if you input a country the radius is calculated starting from the country center. So this works fine for cities (the radius is calculated from the downtown), but not for global areas at the moment. This would require disabling the radius search if some non-precise location is entered.


    2. Ok I will check my folder

    3. Sorry, what do you mean disable the radius search? What is involved in this? would it have other issues?


    4. also it would be amazing if there was a block so we could add in a map else where on the website


    I have had more users test their location and there are loads of issues airings

    1. The map (visual) if someone was to search a town. The map on the listings only shows property in that town. which really it should show a all istings but zoom in to the particular area. How maps work on other sites

    2. It does not show property in some areas, Sam problem reported above

    I am testing it now and I have saved my location on the edit as a postcode. But the area comes up on my listing

    If I go to the menu bar and search the area it says no listings
    If I go to the menu bar and search the postcode. It automatically changes the input on the search bar to the area and finds the listing

    3. I have set the radius to 1000km to try and avoid problem 2. but it does not bring up the listings from shortest distance to longest distance.

    I have loads of complaining customers now, Can it be fixed? Can you recommend another Api that would work on your site as currently I can not use this one if the issues I am having can not be fixed

    ihor developer

    1. Sorry, but this is not a bug – if you search listings only the listings based on the current search criteria and page are displayed. It’s impossible to display all available listing and zoom in, this would cause performance issues with many listings. Websites like Airbnb and Booking only show listings from the current page of the search results.

    2, 3. Please check the explanation above, this is a known issue that will be fixed – the search is based on the specific location you enter in the search field, then all listings within a radius (that you set in settings) are found. But there’s an issue if you don’t enter some specific city, but a country or state, since the radius is calculated from the center of the location you enter this may not work as expected. It works fine for some specific address, ZIP code or city search.


    Is it possible to list the properties shown when someone does a location search in distance order from the location search? Would hide the issue around properties not showing in some location searches as I have set the radius to 1000km.

    I will play on airbnb and have a look. I thought if you manually move the map it show property in the area visible on the map?

    ihor developer

    There’s no such sorting option at the moment, but it’s on the roadmap. Yes, Airbnb refreshes the search results if you move the map, but it’s a platform-specific feature and it doesn’t display all the available listing within a single map view.


    Hello Ihor! Any updates on this map topic? I am currently considering this platform for a project but not being able to search on region would be a problem for me (the fix radius topic). Also I would need a map that can show all listings and/or dynamically reload its listings based on what the map shows when the user pans on it (can they be grouped in zoom out mode if there is a performance issue?). Otherwise loading all listings in the map can be an optional thing – if a platform has just a few hundred listings I guess loading times would not be a very large issue. The platform looks great, especially with the booking support that competitors do not seem to have, but I would like to know that these in my opinion more basic things work before I buy the theme.

    ihor developer

    Thanks, glad you like it! Regions are not implemented yet, but both regions and the map block feature are on the roadmap. Displaying all listings on a single map will 100% cause performance issues (even with clustering). If you’re familiar with PHP or you have a developer for custom work it’s possible to implement regions (by checking the region based on the saved latitude/longitude and creating a taxonomy term).

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