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    Please feel free to share your marketing tips and strategies for niche directories, job boards, classifieds, marketplaces, etc. built with HivePress here. Also, let me know if you notice any SEO issues or a lack of integration with important marketing tools.


    Hi, from the SEO perspective are 2 little problems:
    1. the pages https://<domain>/listing-category/<category>/ are not editable and i can not set Seo parameters

    2 I can not set a static page with the filter/ search form and additional information like links, descriptiones etc.

    The wideget with filter/search form with initial filter/search/sort parameters and parameter “static page” for categories would be a great improvement of SEO.

    ihor developer

    Thanks for your feedback,

    1. These pages should be the same as any other WordPress taxonomy pages (like post categories), what SEO parameters do you mean?

    2. I plan to make any HivePress layout visually editable via Gutenberg, hope this will resolve adding custom content to any page.


    @Ihor, Thank you, You are absolutely right, my mistake – in the category page you can edit the necessary attributes en Yoast.


    I want share my experience working with WordPress and Hivepress for MauCariApa.com. I built MauCariApa.com on top of Hivepress and WordPress do the rest, MauCariApa.com is a listing website focused on small, medium and large business come from different niche/categories.

    On January, i google about plugin for wordpress that working for classified task such as listing website and I found Hivepress. I begin installing this awesome masterpiece from @ihor at shared-host and it works perfectly without any problem.

    On February, I start launch website and begin add listings and promoting it by creating stickers, use social media as promotion, recommended to friend, also doing some seo tricks such as being indexes by Google.

    On March, I plan to earn money from ads and begin to place Adsense and it takes two weeks (because of COVID-19 outbreak) for being verified and approved. I also using Yandex Connect as mail service and using it for sending notification about listings status (verified, approved, rejected, etc).

    On May, I plan to make this website more commercial by adding it to F6s and begin apply to earn credits from AWS Activate & SendPulse and it takes one week for being approved by SendPulse and need near two months for being approved by AWS.
    AWS used for server and SendPulse as web push and manage newsletter.

    On July, I am migrating all contents from current hosting to AWS server and takes 2 days to migrate all its data to AWS. End of July, I try to earn Sendgrid credits via its Startup Programs, and takes 2 weeks until it approved. I think Sendgrid is a faster email API for sending listings status to users.

    Hivepress is a suitable platform for your listings, job-board, rent website and any classified website, Also, @ihor will help you if you faced trouble while using Hivepress and its extensions. Hivepress is a SEO friendly plugins and works better with Rankmath, Yoast or SEO Pro.

    ihor developer

    @vdrive6 Thanks for sharing!


    I am also using the SEO Rank Math plugin and enjoying it a lot, as it has practically the same features as Yoast SEO and some more advantages, in addition, it is very easy to use and all resources are free. It comes with several Schema type options, but I miss a type of Schema targeted for listing.

    I recently installed the E-goi Marketing platform, an interesting and very complete platform, it has a free plan and the paid plans are very accessible, it provides email marketing, SMS, Web Push, email automation, SMS and E- transactional email and has WordPress integration, in addition, it allows you to create campaigns for Google Ads, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.


    Blog2Social is the best plugin I’ve used. I have it where each new post with category hp_listing gets sent automatically to our Social Media Channels.
    e.g. https://twitter.com/LetsGetDelivery/status/1302962713568649217

    That way it can do the promotions for you in your sleep.

    ihor, maybe you can have Adsense integration? where every x post can be an AdSense ad.

    ihor developer

    @letsgetdelivery Thanks, seems like a nice idea for an extension (integrated with AdSense and other popular banner networks).


    Hello. I noticed that when I am posting anything from taskhive on facebook, preview image is missing . Do you have the same problem or am I only one?


    During creating post it looks fine,
    but after clicking publish the preview image will disappear.


    I had same, checked one some devices, some browsers. It’s nevermind how SEO by Yoast is set.


    And just checked. In 19.11 I was posting /listings site of my one project and it is still working https://ibb.co/sbj7m9y , but new one as /listing/listing-name is with no photo. And now question – is it personalization result, for example as robots.txt edit or something like that, or just crashed?


    Just checked, robots.txt is not guilty. But I noticed that in yoast seo settings in bottom accordion is no facebook settings in “comunnity” settings, just Twitter. I think, I’m sure, that it was. And as I know facebook settings (photo, title, description) is enable for free yoast, preview is premium.

    ihor developer

    Please try using a plugin like this one https://wordpress.org/plugins/wonderm00ns-simple-facebook-open-graph-tags/ This way you can mark the details you want to appear in the FB and Twitter previews.


    Plugin helped! Thank you.


    @vdrive63 I like your page🙂 please give me an information how did you do that that the words at the homesite in the header are moving💛

    Thank you


    @iza – there is some ways to make it, but you can try with this plugin https://pl.wordpress.org/plugins/mrlegend-typedjs/ – it allows you create shortcode and put moving text almost everywhere. I used it – it’s fine, and working with no problems with 5.6.


    Thank you @lenki💛

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