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Marketplace Commission

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  • aportodas

    Hello Yevhen, I have the experthive theme and the booking and marketplace plugin.

    I set the web commission to 10% in the marketplace.

    But I need the price charged to the customer to be only that 10% and not 100% of the service.

    That is to say:

    Public a service worth €100

    And when a customer agrees to buy it, I need the invoice to be only for the 10% I have marked.

    I don’t want to bill the rest.

    And I have already hidden the balance that appears in the panel as you showed me with codesnipet.

    Thank you

    yevhen developer

    Sorry, unfortunately there is no simple code snippet for this, this requires customizations. Probably a custom function to change the price while there is a checkout redirect, and also other changes like hiding vendor balance, payouts etc. since vendors may think that their balance is the amount they can withdraw, there are many marketplace options that may need adjustments in this case.

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