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    Ihor, I need a few more orientations about the marketplace: the project that I am creating is almost finished and the marketplace fits like a glove for the proposal. I just want to understand how to make this scenario happen: a listing with value X was acquired by the user. This value X must fall entirely in my client’s payment method (like paypal, but in Brazil we use an own called pagseguro). For the full value of the listing to fall into the website owner’s account, what do you need to configure in the marketplace options? Is it necessary to mark commission as 0 for the total amount to fall on paypal for example? The idea is this: the amount falls into my client’s payment method account and then he will manually transfer it to a seller’s bank account. Thank you! If you can give more details about the marketplace I would be grateful. Your idea was sensational! Thank you!


    Sure, if you set the commission rate to zero then sellers will get 100% of the sale amount to their site balance. Then, depending on the minimum payout amount you set, they can request a payout and the marketplace owner can send the requested amount via the preferred payment method (e.g. PagSeguro).


    I understood my friend. Funny that I understood the opposite. So if I score zero on the commission, the full amount will appear as a balance for the listing seller. So, if I place 100%, no balance will be displayed for the seller to request payment, correct? Then, in any case, he would have to wait for the payment to fall into the website owner’s account to receive the sale price. Is my reasoning correct? This plugin fell like a glove. I haven’t seen anything like it yet with such ease and integration.


    Yes, this is the commission rate for the marketplace, so if you set 100% then 100% of the amount goes to the marketplace owner. Seller’s balance is re-calculated only if the order gets the “completed” status, and this status is set only if there’s a successful payment to the marketplace owner.

    Thanks, this was the idea behind it, to create the most lightweight digital marketplace solution for WordPress, and I’m really glad that it’s useful.

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