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    Hi Ihor – Do you have an ETA on the service based marketplace theme? I love the functionality of the plugins on offer with Hivepress – but aesthetically, it’s not a good match for our needs ( a “task” based marketplace that feels like it may be a perfect fit for the theme you have coming next) Just trying to get an ETA – thanks so much!


    Hi Ian,

    I still plan to release it by the end of July, please subscribe to get an email notification when it’s released I hope it’ll match your requirements for a task marketplace.


    Do you have an ETA on your marketplace theme? I’m interested as well


    It’s almost ready (currently writing docs and description), I plan to release it on Monday.


    It’s finally released:) Let me know what you think


    Congrats! Looks good. I’ll definitely give it a try and support you. Where can I provide feedback to you?


    Thanks! You can post public feedback on the forum or contact me via email

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