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Meaning of claim listings

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  • mzvdesign

    Is there a reason to use Claim listings in Taskhive? I dont understand meaning exactly.

    It would be cool If i could request for verifying my own listing and get this cool badge. It would inform, that admin checked it and listing is okay or something like that. Because now I don’t quite understand why would others wanted to claim it and buy for it? They can still report listing, if it is owned by them or someone offers their service.

    Thank you


    I was thinking about it too and I think that this is good solution for some kind of businesses catalogue. For example, you can as admin add all companies details in your region, then make claim listing and every company can claim this listing as editable ad in this catalogue.

    ihor developer

    Claim Listings is not included with TaskHive, it’s just one of the HivePress extensions (the multipurpose plugin that powers TaskHive). It’s often used by platforms similar to Yelp, Zomato, or TripAdvisor – when listings are businesses added by the site admin, and the business owner can claim their listing (to be able to edit it and reply to messages) for some fee.


    Are you saying claimed listings wont work with Task or Job Hive. I thought you mentioned all of the add-ons works with any Hive theme? If it doesn’t do you have a snippet code that would make it work?

    Please advise.

    ihor developer

    Any extension can be used with any official HivePress theme, but some extensions don’t really match – for example Claim Listings is used to claim business listings (it’s a monetization model for business directories, not suitable for marketplaces because claiming someone else’s product doesn’t make much sense). If you found a way to use it then sure, you can install Claim Listings with TaskHive or JobHive, there are no restrictions.


    I just wanted to make sure. Is it possible to bulk upload /populate listing with csv file, or some other means, for respective business to claim them later? If yes can you share table format of csv or xml file and a good plugin to help with the process.

    Thanks you!

    ihor developer

    Sure, any advanced import plugin for WP should work in this case because listings are implemented as a custom post type “hp_listing”, you can map CSV columns to the listing fields. There were a few reports that WP All Import works fine, but it’s not free.

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