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Membership and digital download accessible by url

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    Hi, probably I am not setting it in the right way: is it correct that if I restrict the access to an attachment attribute with membership to user with a certain paid plan the file can still be accessible by url?

    Using the website it works correctly and it’s accessible to users who have the memberships, but if I know the url I can still have access.

    I tried to copy the download link and paste it when I was not logged in and I could download the file and see the entire directory…


    The Memberships extension just hides attribute values, whether it’s some text, phone number or email it’s just hidden on the front-end. So if it’s a URL (front-end attachment value) it just hides it if there’s no membership, there are no checks if you try to access this URL.

    Download checks are performed if you sell downloads via Marketplace extension, then the download link is displayed on the order page, and WooCommerce checks if it was purchased on every download attempt.

    It seems that you want to merge the functionality of 2 different extensions, if I understand correctly you want to sell all-in-one access to separate downloadable listings?


    Yes I need to sell the membership and then give the full access to all listing and attachment to be downloaded. Everyone can see the listings, basing on the kind of membership the user can download the attachment and have access to other pages.


    If there’s no limit to the number of downloads or listings that can be viewed then the easiest way is using HivePress+Memberships (without Marketplace), it’s just a simple paywall that hides listing attributes, but there’s no specific URL protection for attachment attributes at the moment.

    Protecting attachment URLs would be a great feature (since hiding it like text/number info doesn’t make much sense), I’ll update Memberships this week and will add regular pages and attachment protection.


    Ok, waiting for it, it’s really important in order to use memberships properly. Thanks.


    Just an update – I’m working on it and the new Memberships version will be released tomorrow.


    There’s a new version available, if you set the license key it should appear in Dashboard/Updates within an hour. Now memberships have extra columns (user and expiration date), you can restrict regular pages, and attachments are protected with URLs like:

    The current membership is checked every time user accesses it, the original file URL is hidden so it’s impossible to share it elsewhere.


    I just updated it and now when users click on download on the attribute it opens the page as you wrote:

    but it gives this error without downloading anything.

    Nothing found
    Sorry, but nothing matched your search terms. Please try again with some different keywords.

    Now it doesn’t work anymore…


    Please try refreshing permalinks in Settings/Permalinks section, I guess the new URL wasn’t registered automatically.


    Thanks, it worked!

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