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Memberships advice if possible

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  • wdam


    I love the plugin, it seems really useful. I have bought the memberships extension and was wondering if someone might be able to guide me with how to use it as I don’t quite understand it yet.

    I am tying to have two sets of user groups. One that can post listings and another that can see and respond to the listings. My first question was: is it possible to have one user group be manually approved by an admin user and how would I go about it? My second question was: how can i restrict one user type’s access to view listings (or restrict access to a page where the listings are shown)?

    If you were able to advise I would really appreciate it.

    Kind regards,


    ihor developer

    Thanks, I’m really glad that it’s useful!

    You can enable listing moderation (it’s enabled by default), and by approving/rejecting listings you can decide if user belongs to the first group. Vendor profile is created only if at least 1 listing is approved.

    Memberships extension allows limiting access to listings (or just listing attributes) for the second group (regular users), please check the docs to create different membership plans and restrict access to listings


    Hi Ihor,

    Did I understand correctly? If I leave the default setting (or enable listing moderation if it is a case) then everyone would become vendors straight away (1 group users) even though they might not have any listing yet?

    ihor developer

    With the listing moderation enabled user will become a vendor only if you approve the submitted listing (thus allowing a user to become a vendor). If you enable direct vendor registration without listings (via the “/register-vendor” URL) then users will be able to register vendor profiles without moderation (vendor moderation will be implemented soon).


    So far so good.
    I did that, the issue is that if someone wants to purchase the membership, then the one has to become a regular user first.
    How can it be circumvented? as it is a bit too complicated and takes extra energy from individual.
    I am looking for a very simple , monkey proof solution 🙂

    ihor developer

    If you mean the Memberships extension, there’s no restriction for users, both regular users and vendors can buy a membership if required (vendors are just users with their own vendor profile and at least 1 listing, or even without listings if you allow direct vendor registration).

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