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Merging JobHive and TaskHive

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    Hi Ihor,

    I’ve just changed the theme from TaskHive to JobHive and encountered a couple of issues

    1. The Job > Attributes > Salary is limited to the display format of %value% /month.
    How to offer other options such as /day /bi-weekly /project /annum

    2. How do include the ‘location’ in search bar just like in the demo (Geolocation is turned on)?

    3. How can the Requests and Marketplace be used in JobHive?

    4. My Account doesn’t show WooCommerce Subscriptions in the Packages

    5. How can I merge the best of both themes for example landing page with JobHive and find talents page with TaskHive

    Appreciate your feedback and help Ihor


    also, how do I change the JOINED 10 MONTHS AGO to closing date and/or location?

    thanks in advance

    ihor developer


    1. You can create another Select attribute and then use its value in the Salary display format, for example:

    %value% / %listing.salary_period%

    2. Please follow this tutorial step by step to set it up

    3. JobHive is a job board so listings are job postings, the Marketplace extension is not really useful in this case since it turns listings into products that can be bought. The Requests extension can be used for employers, e.g. they can post something like “I’m looking for a…” and job seekers can reply.

    4. The Packages page should display the listing packages bought via the Paid Listings extension, not subscriptions – if you bought some package please make sure that the order is marked as “processing” or “completed”.

    5. Unfortunately there’s no easy way to do this since each theme defines its own styles and layouts, this would require CSS customizations.

    6. You can change this text via Loco Translate, or hide it via CSS:

    .hp-vendor__registered-date {display:none!important}

    And then add any custom attribute to the available display areas in Companies/Attributes section.


    Thank you for the prompt reply. I have implemented some of your suggestions which leads me to more questions, hope you don’t mind

    6. How do i remove the ‘•’ in between the texts after removing the .hp-vendor__registered-date?

    7. How do i make the menu scroll down sticky with transparency applied? Currently it only has 1 color option with no dark or light option with different background headers makes it hard to read

    7b. How do i change the hover over color on the menu? CSS is attached to the H1 landing page when i tried to inspect properties

    8. How do i make video as header on the main landing page? The request plugin, blog and My Account all consistent all have different styles. Some have featured image while some don’t even exist in Pages. How do I make all consistent?

    9. Trying to link JobHive with WooCommerce Subscriptions + Woo Credits but the renew and credit info doesn’t come up in the My Accounts options.

    10. Trying to add a directory as well just like TaskHive for talent search and listing. Any advice?

    ihor developer

    6. If possible send a link to this page and I’ll check it, the registration date seems to be the only item and it shouldn’t have any separators

    7. Sorry, there’s no such layout/styling option at the moment, this would require CSS customizations.

    8. This would require inserting a custom full-width block with a video background. Some pages registered by HivePress are not available in WordPress/Pages section since they have static content and their layouts are generated automatically, for example the My Account page and sub-pages, Jobs and Companies listing/search pages, etc. Pages with custom content are still available, and if you set some featured image (in the right sidebar while editing a page) it’ll be set as a header image. Also, you can set the default header image in Appearance/Customize/Header section.

    9. Please let me know what you mean about linking WooCommerce Subscriptions, do you mean integrating it with the Paid Listings extension? Unfortunately there’s no such feature at the moment, the Paid Listings can be used to sell listing packages (so once the listing limit is exceeded users can buy another package), there’s no recurring billing feature at the moment.

    10. This depends on the requirements, please try using the Listings and Vendors (Jobs and Companies in JobHive) pages for this purpose.

    Hope this helps.


    Hi again Ihor, couple of roadblocks sorry to trouble you.

    6. how to remove the extra ‘•’ after removing the registration css change

    11. How to I change the placement of the search widget from left to right on the Request page to make it consistent with the rest of JobHive

    12. My Account page has an extra ‘Orders’ option that leads to
    “Nothing found. Sorry, but nothing matched your search terms. Please try again with some different keywords.” How do I remove this?

    13. Facebook App ID and Google Client ID isn’t integrating with my site. Followed the videos but not showing the social options when logging in.

    14. Some Payment Method is missing from WooCommerce options that I activated. Namely PayPal Checkout and Billplz for WooCommerce (Online Bank Transfer FPX) and only Stripe is working.

    Thanks in advance Ihor


    15. Do you think Hivepress will ever launch Native Mobile App? (something similar to BuddyBoss Theme)

    ihor developer

    6. Please try this CSS snippet:

    .hp-listing--view-block .hp-listing__categories::after{display:none!important}

    11. You can try this PHP snippet:

            function( $template ) {
                return hivepress()->helper->merge_trees(
                        'blocks' => [
                            'page_sidebar' => [
                                '_order' => 100,

    12. Please try refreshing permalinks in Settings/Permalinks section, and make sure that the account page was created by WooCommerce (you can re-create it in WooCommerce/Status/Tools section, this page is required for users to check their transactions).

    13. You can try following this tutorial For example, it’s important to enable these login methods in HivePress/Settings/Users/Registration section.

    14. Please make sure that these are set up correctly because HivePress doesn’t interfere with the payment methods, it just displays the WooCommerce checkout page without any changes.

    15. Yes, it’s our long-term goal, it’ll most likely be a WebView, React or Flutter-based app.


    15. That’s great news! Can’t wait to see it on the AppStore!

    Back to your solutions, here are the follow-ups:

    6. CSS snippet doesn’t work.

    11. This works, thanks.

    12. ok

    13. Followed all.. google login works, Facebook login doesn’t show.

    14. Problem with payment methods comes from Checkout Blocks from WooCommerce Blocks with limited to Stripe. Are there any alternatives or HivePress Checkout Block to make it all look consistent?

    And a few more issues I hope you can address:

    16. How to add Number “range” in attributes?
    ie for Salary $XXX-$XXXX

    17. Submit-request front end doesn’t have a placeholder for the title –

    17b. Request page missing title, description, and logo

    18. How to make request description with HTML turned on

    19. How to add location and map in Request

    20. How to remove black to white gradient in Header/Blog etc?

    21. How to create a button same like Search and Buy Button with a gradient

    Looking forward to your response soon

    ihor developer

    6. Please make sure that it’s added correctly, I tested it locally and it removed the dot after the listing categories.

    13. If you send a link to your site I can check this. Also, make sure that Facebook is enabled as an auth method in HivePress/Settings/Users/Registration.

    14. WooCommerce is not limited to Stripe, if you mean adding other payment gateways there are dozens of options. Unfortunately there are no payment-related features in HivePress, it relies on WooCommerce for this since it’s the most popular and trusted e-commerce plugin for WP.

    16. It’s possible if you add 2 number fields (min and max salary) and then use both values in the first field’s display format, for example:

    $%value% - $%listing.max_salary%

    17. Please send more details, do you mean that the request page is broken? The title field in the request form doesn’t have a placeholder, but it has the field label “Title”, the same as for listings.

    18. You can try the same snippet, but replace “listing” with “request”

    19. There’s no such feature in Geolocation at the moment, but we’re working on it.

    20. If possible send a screenshot, do you mean the blog post header?

    21. If you add this button as a block in the editor please add this CSS class:


    Hope this helps.



    14. What I meant was a new HivePress Block for Checkout, as the WooCommerce Checkout Block doesn’t show other gateways aside from Stripe.

    16. This route works but can’t leave either option optional else it’ll leave the $ and –

    17. submit-request & missing request icons

    18. This works, thanks!

    19. Sounds great!

    20. Removing the gradient in the header, I would like make all white background in blogs and maintain the thumbnails in featured image but not effecting the main landing page.

    21. Where or how do i add this?

    ihor developer

    13. Have you tried disabling third-party plugins? There may be a plugin that loads Facebook API and conflicts with the login button, for example this one seems to be installed on your site

    14. HivePress itself doesn’t implement any payment-related features, there’s no HivePress checkout block or form. Please make sure that you set up payment gateways correctly because if you add a new gateway compatible with WooCommerce and enable it in WooCommerce/Settings/Payments it should appear on the checkout page.

    16. Yes, it’s a workaround, unfortunately there’s no way to make the number range editable, it’s possible to add a single number field and make it searchable via the number range.

    17. This issue may be caused by custom CSS or if you set a custom request title format in HivePress/Settings/Requests section, please clear the title format field if it’s non-empty.

    20. Please try this CSS:

    .site-header::before {display:none}

    21. If it’s a button in the block editor please select it and add a custom CSS class on the right (in the block settings, Additional CSS Classes).

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