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Merging WooCommerce & HivePress profiles

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    on our WordPress site we have both HivePress and WooCommerce installed. Both plugins come with a different user profile page, which is why we’re currently trying to “merge” both profiles, i. e.
    inserting WooCommerce links into the HivePress profile.

    These are the changes I made to the “__construct” function in hivepress/includes/menus/class-user-account.php:

    'orders' => [
    						'label'  => 'Orders',
    						'url'  => '/mein-konto/orders/',
    						'_order' => 25,
    					'address' => [
    						'label'  => 'Address',
    						'url'  => '/mein-konto/edit-address/',
    						'_order' => 30,

    When navigating to the address item, I land on the WooCommerce account page, which I want to prevent. However, the order item above works fine. In this case, I stay on the WooCommerce menu.
    Is there a better way to achieve merging both account pages?

    Thanks in advance!

    ihor developer


    Unfortunately there’s no easy way to merge these, since WooCommerce implements its own URLs and layouts. HivePress merges the Orders page only (it’s required for a few extensions like Marketplace or Paid Listings), so users stay on the same page while viewing their orders.

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