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Message field to listing page upon Booking request

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  • tajutondarra

    I am going through some streamlining with various of functions and I was wondering if it’s possible to move the Message-text field from the Booking request that is now on page 2 where you Send Request to the first page where you pick date and time? I know there is Notes field as well but for me it’s hidden.

    At first I thought when you choose the date and time and click Book it would already create an instance to the database and therefore “reserve” that slot for this person but it doesn’t. So I don’t understand the need for this 2-pager process when it could be done in the actual single listing page. Am I missing something with this?

    If not, how would it be possible to move the Message field (and Notes if needed) from the second page (Send request) to the first page so when the user makes the Booking it does everything it’s doing now and only gives the Booking requested view where it tells you that you have requested the booking.

    Sorry for the long message. I just try to be as clear as possible on these things.

    ihor developer

    Please let me know which Message field you mean, is this a custom booking attribute? The booking confirmation form contains the Start Date, End Date and Notes fields by default, if you mean private messages it’s a separate form (implemented by the Messages extension).

    Unfortunately there’s no easy way to use a single form, because there may be extra booking attributes that will not fit in the listing sidebar, and at least another click is required for confirmation (to block the dates) – Aribnb and work in the same way, there’s a simplified form with the dates/guests and then a redirect to the final confirmation form, where users can check all the details before confirming a booking.


    Excellent point @ihor I forgot there were other attributes as well and now that you referenced Airbnb and I do realize the 2nd page works as a confirmation page with the info + you can add the message. And yes I am referring to private messages.

    Thank you for taking the time to answer this!

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