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Message token

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  • fsimoni

    I would like to know if there is a way to insert a listing title in a private message.
    Is there a token, or snippet to do that?

    Too important when a user has more than 10 Listings



    hello, to my knowledge, it is not possible to put the listing title. Moreover, there are 3 tokens I don’t know what they are for: %sender%, %message% & %recipient%. I tested a message but nothing appeared in the mail..

    ihor developer

    The listing title should appear by default if the message is sent via the listing page. Unfortunately it’s impossible to detect the listing context when vendors are contacted directly via the profile page.

    These are object tokens, you can use them by setting the field name after a dot like this:


    This feature is not documented yet but we’re working on improving the docs.


    Hi ihor
    I mean when arrive the email to notify that you have a new private message.
    The email does not have the title of the Listing.

    Tnx Federico

    ihor developer

    Unfortunately there’s no such option because not all messages are related to listings, this would make some email subjects empty. It may be possible to set a conditional email subject, but this requires customizations.

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