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  • alphagoldafrica

    Hi Ihor,
    I am a little confused with the offers and messages features.

    1. After an expert makes an offer, I don’t see the offer in the Client’s dashboard?

    2. The message that is sent with the offer is shown as a comment in my WordPress dashboard. Don’t client’s and experts have a record of their messages in their dashboards.

    3. The message icon is to send offers only and not to chat with the client or with other experts.

    Please help me understand the messaging feature and how it works.

    Thank you,

    ihor developer

    1. Offers are listed on the user’s request page (requests can be viewed via the account page).
    2. Yes, offers are stored as hidden comments so it’s totally ok, they are still private if you set some visibility restrictions on the front-end.
    3. This icon is used for sending an offer on the request pages, while on the service listing it means sending a message.

    Offers and messages are completely different, offers are listed on the request pages (so they are like comments or reviews), while messages are completely private between the sender and recipient.


    Thank you Ihor

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