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Messages enhancements

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  • chrisj14uk

    Hi there,

    I have a few enhancement ideas for the Messages extension if possible… could you please let me know which might be feasible (either with tweaks I can make, or future development)?

    • Ability to attach photos to messages
    • Timestamp on messages (not just date)
    • Ability to add an icon to the header (perhaps a flashing envelope) if there are unread messages
    • Ability to create a custom Messages page using blocks, including navigation (recipient/listing info) panel and message thread panel


    ihor developer

    Thanks for your suggestions,

    1, 2, 3. Added to the backlog.

    4. Already possible via customizations, but as soon as full integration with the block editor is implemented then any layout will become editable.


    Hi! Thanks again for your solutions.
    Are there any snippet to get number 3 – unread messages working?
    This is major important as without that the only way to know if there is new message is thru email notification (on mobile if logged in). Also, if not logged in, user never knows if there is message, only if he actually enters the message board. Please help. Thanks!!

    ihor developer

    There’s no such feature yet, but it’s planned for implementation, I understand that it’s important. Currently, there’s an email notification for each message, the user can miss new messages only if the email is not delivered.


    I understand… Could u please tell me what/where messages are stored in database? I tried to find it in phpmyadmin but didn’t find it… Thanks!!

    ihor developer

    They are stored as hidden comments with “hp_message” type in “wp_comments” table.


    @ihor, may I suggest that nr 1 includes attaching any file extensions that the admin allows? /bb


    Thanks!! I’m going to try myself to mix coding jQuery+database request for doing de unread messages notification. An icon highlighting unread messages, so that if clicked 1 time by user, this icon get back to its normal appearance.
    I’ll post here if I get the solution, any help is welcome.

    ihor developer

    @bb Thanks, there will certainly be some kind of option for setting allowed extensions if this feature is implemented.

    If it’s not urgent you can wait for the next update, this feature will be implemented sooner or later. If you implement it by yourself please try using the “comment_approved” column for checking unread messages and changing message status when it’s read.


    @ihor there is a column named comment_agent on database
    I don’t know what it stands for… Do u?
    I am thinking using that one.
    Set to 1 when message sent. Set to 0 when read. I am finishing the code really difficult for me cause am a begginer… But I still conquered to succeed 😁😁😁

    ihor developer

    WordPress uses it to set the browser name and version for regular comments. Sure, you can use this column, but I suggest using the “comment_approved” one because I’ll use it for implementation later, in this way your customizations will be compatible with the future extension updates.

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