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Messages not showing on the account page?

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  • MiroK1

    Greetings everyone,

    This is a complete beginner question. I have a hivepress website and I use Ultimate Member plugin to manage email notifications, account activation etc.
    My users receive email notification that they had received a private message which redirects them to the account page.

    However, on the account page, there is no messages sidebar! Only:
    -change password
    -delete account

    Messages are nowhere to be seen.

    I apologize because of my stupidity but hahah I need to make this work.


    I managed to set it up so that the body of the message appears in email. But still, on-site message directory is missing.

    Also, is it possible to make it so that whoever receives an email can see the username who sent the message?

    ihor developer

    It seems that you’re viewing the Ultimate Member account page and menu, HivePress is not integrated and not based on Ultimate Member so it duplicates the account page. HivePress account menu looks like this


    I am viewing the “My Account” menu by the “Add Listing” button. This is a built in page in HivePress I suppose.


    I dont have the page which looks like the one in your screenshot.


    Sorry for triple post, but there is no edit button on this forum.

    I am using Ultimate Member as I havent been able to properly setup new user registration and email activation protocol using hivepress.

    ihor developer

    Please try disabling Ultimate Member for a moment, maybe it replaces the HivePress account page completely. By default its URL is “/account”. If you’re using ListingHive theme and click “My Account” in the header section then there should be a HivePress account page. Let me know what registration features are missing in HivePress (except the email activation, it’s already on the roadmap), maybe they will be implemented in future versions.

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