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Missing Icons

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    Hi Ihor,

    The request page doesn’t display any icons for the description

    And how to I change the icons to text attribute descriptions after clicking the request title to view more ?

    Thanks in advance


    Also, the attribute search has Number Range

    But it’s missing in the creation mode. How do I turn it on for

    ihor developer


    1. Please make sure that you also added the %icon%token to the attribute display format.
    2. If you mean displaying more attributes on the request page please assign these attributes to the “Page (secondary)” display area.
    3. Sorry, this field type is not available for the Edit context at the moment. It’s possible to add a Number attribute and enable a number range for it in the Search context (the Price filter works this way on the demo site).


    1. Thank you, forgot about this.

    4. %icon% %value% – %request.max_budget% – can you please check what’s wrong with this?

    ihor developer

    Seems to be ok, but if you want the %request.max_budget% token to be replaced with another request attribute please make sure that there’s a request attribute named “max_budget”, you can check this by editing an attribute and viewing its Slug.


    Thanks for the prompt replt but sorry but how do I view the attribute’s slug?


    and how do I make this work?

    	function( $model ) {
    		$model['fields']['requirements']['editor'] = true;
    		$model['fields']['requirements']['html'] = true;
    		return $model;

    Thanks Ihor!


    nvm i figured out another way around it thank you

    ihor developer

    No worries, I’m glad the issue is resolved 🙂

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