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Modify profile of users

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  • DianaLizarazo

    Hi! Now I wonder if
    1) is possible to delete the dashboard option for normal users and only allow hosts to get access to this option in their profiles
    2) Have different fields in the profiles of hosts vs normal users. I mean have specific questions for hosts that users don’t for example only allow hosts to add their addresses.


    yevhen developer

    It should work this way by default, if you added some vendor attributes and marked them as Editable they will appear for hosts only. Users get the Dashboard page only after they become a host (e.g. if at least 1 listing is added and approved by admins). Please try registering as a new user to test this.


    Yes, you were right, my bad for not checking before.

    Now my question is, how is distinguished the bookings from a host that is also the user of another host? For example, if a host is renting his house his bookings should appear in his account, but what happens if that host becomes a user of another host, Are both kinds of bookings on the same page of bookings or are they split by host/user?


    yevhen developer

    In the current version both the received bookings and made bookings appear on the same account page (we plan to split these).


    That would be great! I think this feature is very important

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