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    Managing orders

    Only completed orders are taken into account when calculating the vendor’s earnings. By default, new orders get the “processing” status, and then buyers have to mark them as “completed” manually. Also, you can complete orders automatically (e.g. if buyers forget to complete them manually) by setting the order completion period in HivePress> Settings> Orders> Processing section. Please refer to the Orders section of WooCommerce docs to learn more about managing orders.

    Processing payouts

    For security reasons, payout payments are not sent automatically, you have to send a payment manually (using the payout request details) once you mark the payout as completed.

    Ihor, could you please explain the above situations? Do you mean that a user who is going to buy a listing should, in his profile, mark the purchase as completed after payment? If I automatically place a day to be processed, in the HivePress settings, should the seller wait a day for the money to fall into his account? This situation is characterized in the second section, “Processing payouts”, who must everything be manual so that the seller can receive payment?

    Last question, in the section Adding payout methods, what should I put in Minimum Amount? What does this field interfere with precisely? Thanks again!


    Yes, the buyer has to mark the order as “completed” (or it will be completed automatically after the period set in HivePress settings). You can disable this in HivePress settings and there will be no “Complete Order” button for buyers, so orders will just be completed automatically. I’d suggest setting a period of at least a few days to cover possible refunds.

    The minimum amount depends on your site policy, e.g. it may not worth it so send the bank transfer if there’s a small amount like $1, so you can set the minimum required amount for this method to $100. Or if you add PayPal it has small transaction fees so you can set the minimum amount to (for example) $10.

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