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    Hi so I have a use case that I wonder can be solved with existing functionality.

    I want businesses to sign up but I want to approve them after some validation. I would like for them to send me a business license as I want to avoid sham posters.

    – I can approve the submissions so that handles approving
    However, I need to figure out who the person is and what company they represent.

    Is there a way for the registration to contain more fields that are on the My Account section?
    Is there a way to add a field (e.g. Company Name)?
    Is there a way to add instructions to the Add Listing page (or maybe a tip in the detail boxes) so that I can tell persons to submit their documents for approval). This would also be a good alternative so I can direct companies to fill out their My Account page.


    There’s no separate vendor registration form yet, but you can add vendor attributes to the account settings form, e.g. company name. Please try this code snippet for adding instructions to the listing submission form Also, if you’re familiar with PHP you can add a custom field to the listing submission form, and then save its value to the vendor account, or send it via email.


    Ok good, I am quite familiar with PHP having done some sites in it before. I was just hesitant about editing WP plugins to avoid breaking things. But if you recommend it I’ll do it!


    HivePress API will not change so if you keep these code snippets outside of the plugin folder they should work without having to change anything when HivePress updates.

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