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    Hello. I can’t figure out the shortcodes. I reviewed the video and forum 100 times, but it didn’t help. I need to display ads from a specific category on the page. By Convention, its id = 190. When I try the shortcode [hivepress_listing_categories columns= “3” number= “190”], it just displays all the categories created on the site (without children). I don’t know what to do, because I use the page Builder, and you need to output it through shortcodes. But everything works fine on your video.


    If you use the default WordPress block editor you don’t have to use shortcodes, please view this screencast If you use another editor please check this topic, there’s a list of shortcodes To display listings from specific category you can use this one:

    [hivepress_listings columns="3" number="3" category="123"]

    Replace 123 with category ID.


    Grazie mille. Non sapevo che fosse necessario specificare l’ID della categoria semplicemente attraverso =. Ora ha funzionato. Ottimo plugin!


    Thanks, I’m glad I could help.

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