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Move Filter Bar to Homepage, Featured Image Removal

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    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Thanks for this very wonderful plugin!

    I wonder if there is a way to move the filter bar in the listing page to the home page.

    Besides, every listing presented on webpages has an image associated with it. I wonder if it is possible to remove this image area embedded in every listing.

    Thank you a lot for your time!


    Sure, you can add a Listing Search Form block or use [hivepress_listing_search_form] shortcode if you use the classic editor or some page builder.

    Please check this topic about hiding the featured image


    Thank you ihor! One problem I encountered is that [hivepress_listing_search_form] will only generate a new search bar, but I want the filter bar in the home page, like the bar on the left of listing page in demo. Could you help me with that? Thanks a lot!


    There’s no block/shortcode for displaying the filter form at the moment, it appears only on the search results page (to filter and refine the results), please consider using the initial search form instead.

    Pau N

    I would also like the same, maybe we can put this as a “request” for future updates? in the meantime is possible to customize our own search form shortcode? (i’m using Elementor), thanks Ihor.


    Thank you ihor! I understood, and I agreed with Pau N. Is it possible to edit the style of filter form tho? I would love to change its number of columns, from one to three. Could you instruct me to do it? Thanks a lot!


    Ihor sorry I have an additional question! So I tried to move the filter form to homepage by setting listing page as the front page. I wonder if I could hide all the search results in this front page, b/c I only want filter form and search form on this page, and then add another block of categories to it. Is it doable in any way? Thanks a lot for your patience and time!


    Thanks, I’ll consider adding a custom block for this, for now please try using this code snippet that implements the [hivepress_listing_filter_form] shortcode:

    if ( function_exists( 'hivepress' ) ) {
    		function() {
    			return ( new \HivePress\Blocks\Form(
    					'form'       => 'listing_filter',
    					'attributes' => [ 'class' => [ 'hp-form--narrow' ] ],
    			) )->render();

    If you mean breaking the filter form into multiple columns, this would require code customizations.

    Pau N

    Thanks Ihor worked great, it would be great for the future custom block for this, the option to choose different attributes to show in the homepage filter and the “directory” filter, by example in the homepage i would put less attributes than the original filter.

    I’m going to try to do this with the code that you gave us, thank you very much.


    Thanks for the perfect help Ihor. This is my last question — yes I planned to break the filter form into multiple columns, but haven’t managed to do so. Could you instruct me how to do it? Thanks a lot!


    There’s no simple code snippet for this unfortunately, it would require advanced customizations.


    Hi there! Seconding having this added as a Block!

    In the meantime, I am having trouble implementing the code snippet that you listed here. I added it to the custom CSS and then tried to drop in the [hivepress_listing_filter_form] shortcode where I wanted it to go but it doesn’t seem to be working. Am I doing something wrong? thanks so much!!! Sending a PayPal donation shortly!


    Hi there! The code snippet is supposed to be added to functions.php file. Hope it could help


    Absolutely perfect, thank you @AX

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