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Move listing attribute block layout

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  • zulazai

    hi @ihor

    How do I move two blocks which are at the bottom of my description and put them on top below the address area? Specifically these block attributes are called the below when I inspect them.

    hp-listing__attributes hp-listing__attributes–primary hp-widget widget
    hp-listing__attribute hp-listing__attribute–phone-number
    hp-listing__attribute hp-listing__attribute–website

    I want the phone number, and the website block to show up directly under the Title and Address area in my listing. Right now they get pushed below the description, and below the map. For desktop layout it isnt so bad, but on mobile version these two blocks are all the way to the bottom


    The two blocks that I want to move is the Phone number, and Website and I want to move it under the listing address area.


    I tried using this css snippet but it didn’t change the block layout

    	function( $template ) {
    		return hivepress()->helper->merge_trees(
    				'blocks' => [
    					'hp-listing__attribute hp-listing__attribute--phone-number' => [
    						'_order' => 123,
    					'hp-listing__attribute hp-listing__attribute--website'          => [
    						'_order' => 123,
    ihor developer

    Sorry, but this requires customizations, you can try using existing options (e.g. re-ordering attributes by setting a different priority for them) or code snippets shared on this forum (for simple re-ordering within the existing sections, for example you can re-order any sidebar blocks). If advanced layout changes are required please consider hiring someone via Fiverr https://www.fiverr.com/categories/programming-tech/wordpress-services/customization


    Thanks Ihor. I used the above css snippet above as you can see but it didn’t change anything. Not sure if I am missing something.

    Also are you saying it is not possible to move two attributes below the address and above description field?

    I remember you said moving the attribute box will be possible in Gutenberg. Is this still something on roadmap?

    ihor developer

    It’s possible, but there’s no simple code snippet for it, please consider hiring someone via Fiverr/Upwork if layout/styling customizations (that are not covered with existing options) are required for your site. When the Gutenberg integration, it’ll be possible to create a listing page layout from scratch.

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