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    First of all, just want to say how great the theme and plug in is – and will be upgrading to some of the paid add-ons very shortly.

    I’m looking to move the images below the description on the listing page, much like as in the below:

    But I’m not overly familiar with the backend side of things, and where I can find the php files I’d need to amend to do this – or whether I’d need to upload another file etc. I think i’d be able to make the changes to the order judging by what I can see in the template file from Github but no idea wher to do it in the theme or wordpress.

    Thanks for your help!



    You can use this code snippet, and adjust the order (123) to move the description:

    	function( $template ) {
    		return hivepress()->helper->merge_trees(
    				'blocks' => [
    					'listing_description'          => [
    						'_order' => 123,

    It’s possible to add and manage custom PHP snippets using this plugin


    Thanks for your reply, I will give this a shot.

    I’m having an issue where nothing is happening when I try and process a registration via the standard form. I’ve tried disabling all other plugins and that hasn’t achieved anything – so i’m not sure if I’ve done something in the settings that’s caused an issue.

    I’ve literally just made my site public:

    Do you have any suggestions that I can do to solve this?


    We had a conversation via email, I’ll just post the solution here in case if anyone has the same issue – this is a conflict with the WooCommerce PayPal extension that will be fixed in the next update.

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