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    Hi Ihor,

    What is the best way to have multi-currency on hive press?

    I tried using a woocommerce option to enable this but it didn’t work.

    It might be a good idea to add this for global listing sites.



    There’s no such option at the moment, it’s possible only with advanced code customizations (e.g. replacing prices with a custom script on the front-end), price is just a number with a static display format.


    I am not “coder”, but really need “multi-currency on hive press” too…..


    This would require a custom extension that fetches currency rates via API and converts them on the front-end. I added it to the backlog and will consider implementing it, thanks.


    I mean I want the attribute like price: user adds ad and price, and he will chose the currency (rubl or dollar) for his service. I need this….


    Thanks for clarifying, there’s no such feature at the moment but I’ll consider adding it to the next update (e.g. using some attribute’s value in another attribute display format, it would be possible to add a currency selection this way).


    Thank you so much! I wait new update…..

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