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Multi item carousel on Featured and Show featured on categories

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  • Karim

    Amazing plugin ihor!!

    I would like to put the featured listings in a multi-items carousel on the home page and on the categories page.

    Also, can you tell me the css framework you are using, il similar to Bootstrap but modified.

    Thanks in advance



    It’s possible, but requires customizations. You can use the carousel script like this one and apply it to the listings section, also customizing styles with CSS so listings will not break into rows.

    There’s no CSS framework, I wanted to keep this theme as lightweight as possible. You can load and use any CSS framework you like (I suggest using Bulma framework, it’s CSS-only).


    Hi ihor,
    Thanks for the reply, i will have a look to the carousel.

    Can you tell me if i can have featured listings on top of each categories pages?
    That will be a very good value to your plugins.



    They should be at the top by default, but there’s a limited number of spots (this can be changed in Settings/Listings/Display section), to prevent displaying a few pages of ads and rotating ads instead.

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