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Multi Packages “Featured List”

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  • kanazenda

    hi, i wanted to know if it was possible to create multiple packages for different length of featured list? Ex: featured – 3 months – 6 months – 1 year. And without this deleting the record after the period.

    I watched your video, and also saw that we can only add 1 woocommerce package to the listing parameters. I don’t understand

    ihor developer

    It’s possible if you offer this via the listing packages (each package has a custom expiration period and you can enable/disable the featured status for each one), but if you mean a separate Featuring option (via the star icon link) there’s no such feature at the moment (there’s a single linked product in HivePress/Settings/Listings/Featuring section).


    Привет! С Новым Годом”! Последнее обновление привело к тому, что теперь все объявления стали бесплатными (несмотря на настройки)! И перейти к платным объявлениям у пользователя возможности нет! Может стоит вернуть всё как было до этого обновления?


    Hey! Happy New Year”! The latest update made all ads now free (despite the settings)! And the user has no opportunity to go to paid ads! Maybe you should return everything as it was before this update?

    ihor developer

    Happy holidays! Please make sure that there were no code customizations in the extension files, the only thing we changed is related to re-using the free packages (there’s a new option in HivePress/Settings/Listings/Packages section), this should not affect other packages. If the limit is exceeded the Select Package step should appear in the listing submission process.


    Hi! Unfortunately, this is not so! The option to choose a package is no longer available. All the time, only Bespaltny. In my settings for the Free package: one ad, the number of days – 1. And all ads are only free. No choice!

    ihor developer

    If possible send temporary WP access to and I’ll check this issue, for some reason I can’t reproduce it locally.


    I am using your plugin (HivePress) on a local server. But it is very simple to check:
    1. Set up 1 free ad within 1 day;
    2. Register a new user;
    3. Add 2 (3) ads from him. And you will see everything.
    P.S. Of course, for the old user, this problem is not to be seen.

    yevhen developer

    Thanks for the details, we tried to add a free package locally and it can’t be re-selected once exceeded, maybe there are other steps or extra details to reproduce this issue?


    Hi! Everything that I wrote is true for the case, if you do not touch at all, I am writing a new option (Free Packages – Allow multiple free packages).
    And if you tick the box and uncheck it right away, the situation is completely different: for the “old” user – there is no choice of “Package” – all ads are recorded as free.
    I have not yet checked what will happen to the old users with the installed option.


    Я могу вам писать на русском?


    So, what I understood and what I did not understand:

    1. If after this update you do not touch the settings field at all, then all subsequent announcements are fixed as free and there is no page for choosing a package;
    2. After using this option, all subsequent announcements are accompanied by a page for choosing a package. The page for choosing a package appears even then, if now you uncheck this option. That is, it works as it did before this update.

    And what I didn’t understand: what does this update give?
    Thank you for your attention.


    Итак, что я понял и чего я не понял:

    1. Если после этого обновления вообще не трогать поле настройки, то все последующие объявления фиксируются как free и нет страницы выбора пакета;
    2. После того, как воспользоваться этой опцией, все последующие объявления сопровождаются станицей выбора пакета. Страница выбора пакета появляется и тогда, если теперь галочку этой опции снять. То есть работает так, как было до этого обновления.

    И чего я не понял: что даёт это обновление?
    Спасибо за внимание.

    ihor developer

    If possible please post in English, this way questions/answers will be useful to anyone searching through the forum (if someone has the same issue).
    In the recent update, we just added a new checkbox option, if you check it then users will be able to re-select the Free package indefinitely. If you leave this option un-checked, then users will be able to select the Free package once, and when it’s exceeded they will not be able to select it (there will be the blocked “Limit Exceeded” button, like it worked all the time). The Select Package page appears only if the package limit is exceeded (in any case).
    Hope this helps.

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