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Multiple bookings (requests) does not work

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  • nikita_marketplace

    Ihor hello,

    I sent an email but decided to post the question also here. I am now stuck with multiple bookings per same time on my platform.

    Here is the setup:
    1) Multi bookings are allowed
    2) The open period for a specific listing is from N date (for instance 6th March)
    3) There is a booking request filed (for 6-12 March, under review (hosts are simulating communication with booker)).
    4) Another user cannot select 6-12 March on the listing page, dates are locked (link to the page —

    Could you please share — what is wrong with my setup? Multi bookings are allowed but I cannot multibook the listing for some reason. Could you also guide when a day-based search for multibookings will be available?

    ihor developer

    I’ve just replied via email, will post the reply here in case if someone has the same issue.
    ​Please make sure that the max number of places is set for this listing, it’s not set by default. If you set some number there (e.g. 2), then up to 2 bookings should be allowed for the same date range.


    Thanks Ihor, works now.

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