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    Is it possible to allow multiple categories per listing?

    If not, this feature would be of great use to me.


    Please consider using a custom attribute for this purpose (e.g. “select” type with multiple selection allowed), because categories are used by other features and extensions to differentiate listings. For example, if you allow setting multiple categories, then category-specific attributes feature may be broken.


    Hello Ihor,

    It seems “multiple categories” is like a recurring feature request), and the reason why personally, I haven’t put anything online yet.

    I have been benchmarking a couple of Directory themes & plugins.
    Yours is neat, maybe because it’s not bursting at the seams with extra features, which in the long run are not maintainable (the white elephant syndrom).

    However consider some categories like “bars” and “restaurants”. A business could be one or the other, but many times it belongs to both.
    The notion of subcategories is also interesting : A bar being somehow a subcategory of restaurants.

    Though I do understand your concerns, as far as I am concerned, I don’t care about the “features” (what you call attributes) being searchable/sortable. As long as they appear in the details of the listing itself. Besides in the demo import, it seems to me that none of these attributes are related to a specific category, and in the backend it is possible to tick several checkboxes in the categories’ metabox anyway.

    Also, most other directory solutions are “location” enabled (which is a kind of category).

    So you can search for “restaurant“, in “Bronx“, (but it could be city, state, or country-based also), and then hit the search button. I know it is also possible to search in one area with HP once you have the geocoding enabled, but having preset choices(displayed as a dropdown on top of the current “location” textbox, is also great, as you can categorize and zero in a little more.

    It would allow to simply search for any businesses in a given preset location (e.g. Bronx), and not only a specific line of business in any location, as of now.

    My two cents, and keep up with the good work.


    Thanks for your suggestions. In case of bars and restaurants I’d suggest using the common “venues” category (so they would have the same attributes), or adding them as an attribute “venue type”, then it’s possible to use checkboxes in search. I plan to add some kind of regions feature to Geolocation extension, so there will be location-based categories.

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