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Multiply rate/price per guest

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  • rachelle

    Hello again,

    Is there a quick + easy way to have the price of a booking be multiplied by the number of guests? I am offering bookings for individual spots but would like to enable people to book several spaces in one booking (for them and their friends).


    yevhen developer

    Yes, it should work this way by default – if you use the built-in Guests field then the booking price is multiplied by the selected number.


    Right, I can confirm that it does work correctly! I was expecting the pricing to be reflected live on the page when I modified the number of guests, but see that it’s rather reflected in the checkout page.

    New issue is that, for certain listings I am letting people book in half hour time increments (instead of hourly) but it isn’t being reflected in the payment page. Instead, customers are charged the full hourly rate instead of half of it.

    I’d like to keep the rates displayed as hourly, but allow hosts to choose whether to offer half hour or hourly time slots. Is there any way to have the pricing reflect more accurately reflect the length of the booking slot?

    ihor developer

    Sorry, there’s no such feature at the moment, the displayed price is “per time slot” so this depends on the time slot duration you set. Displaying an hourly price would require customizations (e.g. overriding the price template part and multiplying it by 2).
    We plan to add the dynamic price calculation to display it before the checkout redirect.


    Hello, where is the built-in guest field? Im afraid I may have deleted… If so how do I get it back?


    In fact, If this is a listing attribute, I know I did during a late night editing frenzy…

    ihor developer

    Please make sure that booking places are enabled in HivePress/Settings/Bookings section, it’s a built-in field so once you allow multiple places per booking it’ll appear automatically.

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