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  • zaruha

    Hello, I noticed that if a person is not logged in and purchasing a plan they will get an email from woocommerce with links to /my-account and password reset, the issue is that I would like to offer to the customers all the options on the same dashboard which is /account , its very confusing to have 2 different dashboards on the same account, is it any way I can do that ?

    hivepress dashboard :
    woocommerce dashboard :


    If it’s possible I would integrate the menu from /account in the same place with the one from /my-account

    yevhen developer

    Unfortunately there is no way to 100% merge both account pages since WooCommerce implements its own account page. HivePress merges the Orders page with its account page so users do not have to use the WooCommerce one. You can also redirect the /my-account page to /account or customize WooCommerce emails if required.

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