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  • gsmobina

    Hi Ihor,

    1. My client wants a profile view of the user with edit option. currently the theme shows a tab called ‘settings’, so can we make this part like info of the user display with photo as a default and then edit button to edit the details (like after submitting a list, it shows the detail view of the list and edit).

    2. Can we re-order side nav items of the account?

    3. Can we add a custom section to this menu?

    4. I am using both paid listing and Membership extension. Can we display both details in one section?

    5. Memership tab, can we display expiry date or how many days remaining before the plan expires?

    6. if can’t combine both Paid listing package and Membership, can we show in the package tab how many listing can be added, how many of the listings count user has used eg: 3 of 4 or 3/4

    7. can we show the side menu horizontally like tab buttons?

    ihor developer


    All these changes are possible, but they require customizations. If you’re familiar with PHP please check the action and filter references in the docs. For example, you can change menu items and their order via “hivepress/v1/menus/menu_name_here” filter.

    Membership plans should show the expiration date by default, if it’s required to display it as a number of days it’s also possible with customizations.


    how much will these customization cost? i can inform about the cost to my client and get it done.

    I am not a developer but i can do few changes if i know where to do these

    ihor developer

    Sorry, but I can’t estimate this and currently I’m not available for custom work, you can try to find a developer via Fiverr. If you’re familiar with PHP please check the API references, for example If you want to alter the account menu items, you can do it via the “hivepress/v1/menus/user_account” filter.

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