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My Listings menu item not showing under My Account

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    These are the Sub Menus shows when I click My Account.
    However when i put
    the link in the browser

    it goes to the Likes automatically.

    Why is this happening ? Pls guide – advise.
    Thank you very much


    Please try using this URL instead (there was a missing “s” at the end).


    @Ihor – even with that – it does not work – for regular user accounts. – works for the Admin account only.

    What might be the issue – is some permission to be given to access this page ?


    If there’re no listings, this page will redirect users back to “My Account” (the first menu item, in this case it’s “Favorites”). So, if there’re no listings then the menu item is hidden, and the page has a redirect since there’s nothing to show.


    @Ihor – thank you – this is not the case here – there are many listings by the user – and yet the menu is hidden. i logged in and out the user a couple of times – made the user claim a listing – post a new listing – yet the same issue persists


    If you’re sure that this user has listings please try updating one of these listings via back-end, then the menu cache will be refreshed (there should be at least one draft, pending or published listing).


    @ihor – Thank you for replying. I tried this. I posted changes to the Attributes and to the Ad for this user. It does not change things. Still no luck. Please advise.


    I have been unable to resolve this as yet – only admin account can see his posts – others – no link for this


    You can send temporary WP access to and I’ll check this issue.

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