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Need help building a Rental website!!

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  • Brett


    I would like to build with RentalHive but would like for people to rent something on an hourly basis and not a per day basis. I would also like to have stripe integration for payment processing.

    Will someone help me put this all together? Thank you!!!

    ihor developer

    Sure, please enable time slots in HivePress/Settings/Bookings and time-based bookings will be enabled (instead of day-based ones). This theme uses WooCommerce for payments so you can use Stripe to accept payments, but if you mean splitting payments using Stripe Connect there’s no such integration at the moment.


    What if the products are already created on stripe and have the split pay already set up when creating the product page in stripe?

    if this is not possible it is ok – Would you be interested in helping me set up my website? I am happy to pay as I would like this up and running as fast as possible.

    I have everything ready to go.

    ihor developer

    Please try setting up Stripe by following WooCommerce docs In TaskHive all payments are initially sent to the marketplace owner, while the seller’s account balance is increased. Then sellers can request a payout from the marketplace owner (once the minimum allowed amount is reached).
    We temporarily don’t offer customization & setting up services, please consider hiring someone for assistance via Fiverr (there’s a category for WordPress services, I can provide some guidance if you find a developer)
    Hope this helps.


    Ok thank you,

    Is it possible to link zapier automation with RentalHive? I would like to integrate SMS messaging for when there is a new message from an owner and link leads to my CRM. I might use follow up boss for my CRM but am not sure yet. I like their sms feature.

    I am turning RentalHive into a yacht rental website. Eventually I want to add more types of services such as car rental or home rental but that is a few months down the road. Would you suggest RentalHive or ListingHive? I am ready to start today.

    Trying to build a website similar to with an owners dashboard, consumer dashboard and more.

    ihor developer

    I’d suggest using RentalHive since it includes the Bookings extension. If you just want to list vehicles or yachts without the booking features then ListingHive may be enough.
    We plan to add webhooks in future versions, but in the current version the described SMS integration would require code tweaks.
    Please also check if there are plugins that may be useful (e.g. for linking a CRM), since HivePress stores everything in the WP database third-party plugins may be compatible (for example, listings are implemented as WP posts of “hp_listing” type).


    The only option under settings/bookings under availability is “Enable time slots” not time based bookings. I would like to do this because I want people to be able to book an item for 4-6 hours per day.

    Also how do I edit the days in advance options at the bottom of “list a property”.

    Thank you!


    When I enable time slots and go to test a booking it says No slots available or could not load.

    If this is confusing for me it is going to be confusing for the hosts on the website.


    I would like for guests to chose the duration of the rental but also give hosts an option to put a minimum amount of time for a rental period.

    ihor developer

    Please make sure that all the booking details are set for a listing, at least the start/end time and the slot duration details are required for generating a list of time slots. If you mean booking multiple time slots please enable this in settings, then customers can select multiple time slots in a row. Unfortunately there’s no option to require the minimum booking time yet, it’s available for day-based bookings only.

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