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Nested checkbox

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  • jovanasavic

    Hi, is it possible to create nested checkboxes and disable some of them by clicking on another one?

    It is in Serbian, but I would like to disable Yes (‘Da’ in the image) and its child (‘Genetski test, Kukovi,
    Laktovi’) when No (‘Ne’ in the image) is checked. Also in the reversed way – I would like to disable No when some of the Yes options are checked.
    Thank you in advance.

    yevhen developer

    You could try to add listing attribute of Radio Buttons type. Also please set its search type to Radio Buttons. When you add new options for this attribute you can set parent option for some child options.


    Yes, but the user could choose more than one option of the children (Genetski test, Kukovi, Laktovi). So the perfect combination would be to make Radio Buttons for Yes and No, and Check Boxes for children. Is it possible to do something like that?

    ihor developer

    Sorry, there’s no nested option for checkboxes at the moment. Please describe the required functionality, this may be possible with multi-level Select attributes (if you allow multiple selection), and/or listing categories (if you use parent options as categories, and add category-specific attributes).

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