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    I want make one listing page without map and with categories: rooms, houses
    And another page with map and categories: Kitchens, Appartments

    How can i make it?


    And in one page i want to make able choose of regions. and in another disable this function


    You can do this if you add parent categories for these groups, then you can add 2 different pages with Categories blocks (with different categories selected as Parent).

    If you added some custom Region attribute (e.g. a select field) then you can display it for some specific category only by selecting this category in the right sidebar while you edit this attribute in Listings/Attributes section.


    I have 2 pages of listings

    Page 1: category 1, category 2
    Page 2: category 3

    But when i go to page 1 i can see category 3, how can i disable this category for page 1 and make able for page 2?


    All of this categoryes – are parent


    Please let me know how did you create the Page 1, is this a category page or a page you added manually? I can’t quite understand the issue.

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